adArt by LaurganiQ

Do you have a new idea? A new product? Or a not yet established event? And do you like to turn turn heads and minds? Use adArt to capture your audience. Trust LaurganiQ to attract the right crowds and mold your message to their mindset. Subscribe to the monthly roundUp of LaurganiQ news for an exclusive look inside adArt.

To bring a bit of life to any faded idea LaurganiQ's adArt turns those thoughts into a unique and lively visual set of images. Think of photography inspired by nature comprising of (at least) partly figurative imageres. Combined with adArt distribution assured to blow a breeze through those worn but still fit grown up brands and products.

Founded to be inspired by you adArt gladly organises your event, product launch or relaunch. To share that inspiration with selected others.


Near the end of 2008 an aspiring bottle of wine and a leftover chunk of time instigated the hostile takeover of an unassuming prefab print dock. Creating 'word it!'. The vehicle, stage and mantra of adArt. Its output, flat and sculptured canvas.

Initially adArt spanned a series of works in which wine was layered, creating well defined images and wordArt. It offered to auction these works at events to generate publicity. It has since expanded and currently focuses on creating sets of images of mainly organic materials. AdArt is still aimed at maximizing publicity but is now available on site as well as online. Finally a range of brokerage services are now optional.

LaurganiQ's adArt covers paintings and wordArt.


  • commission a set of adArt images. Have it distributed. Create a buzz. Get leads. Let LaurganiQ close the deal.
  • For artists: submit Art. Get introduced to high-end clients. Receive publicity. Sell your Art.

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