About the owner Laura G.M.E. Quainoo (1978)Laurganic

Laurganic was founded at the tail end of 2009 by Laura G.M.E. Quainoo. Laura was born in Tilburg in The Netherlands in 1978. Laura graduated for her propedeuse creative communication in 1999 at the Ichthus Hogeschool in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. At the Catholic University of Nijmegen Laura studied Communication Science for 5 years. After which she quit her studies with the intention to complete her degree in Canada.

Laura postponed her initial plan to study abroad and instead spent time developing her own products based on a range of technologies she developed in the wake of her time at university. In 2009 Laura started the company Laurganic from home. Laurganic is registered at the local Chamber of Commerce as of January 2010.

Currently, Laurganic is a sole proprietorship which operates under the brandname LaurganiQ. The brand LaurganiQ consists of two productlines.


In 2013 Laura moved to Delft where she is active as a volunteer for a range of cultural institutions. She was involved with kunstencentrum Kadmium and was also a member of the PR team of the Rietveldtheater. Laura was also a member and coordinator of the Wereldwinkel Delft´s Marketing and Communication team.

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