techCentricity @ LaurganiQ

Online display, it's potential future, and a riddle of wants, wishes and needs make out the core of techCentricity.

the tool

During a brief spell at a charitable organization several problems concerning managing a large amount of websites by one small team became apparent. WaxIt is a multiple website management tool that aims to surmount these problems.

WaxIt is currently in the final development stages. If you like to receive more information or stay informed, subscribe to LaurganiQ's monthly update. You will receive e-mail concerning waxIt. If you wish to gain free access to techCentricity events and receive LaurganiQ' s biannual magazine whizDown, there will be an option to become a tech ally.

the app

WhizBy was recently added to LaurganiQ' s wishlist. This 3D gallery integrates/converts video footage into the animation. Something prefab, prefetch and seriously fast was missing while building this website. @ LaurganiQ this gap is being worked on. This might turn into an app. For those interested: subscribe to LaurganiQ's monthly update for news on the bleeding edge of 3D apps.

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